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There are lots of options for how to manage your family tree information. I use Brother’s Keeper 6 on my PC. This software can be downloaded, installed and tried before you buy. I find it does most things I want and is easy to use. One thing it does not do is publish your data on the web, and check for matches on the web. However, I like to do this myself manually.

Brother’s Keeper 6 costs $US45, really good value.  The author is always making improvements, and will fix any problems that you contact him about.  A new version of the software is released each month, containing minor fixes, improvements and changes. Once in a while a more major release is made.  Unlike some of the other genealogy software, there is no charge for updates to Brother’s Keeper 6.

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I have tried Family Tree Maker, a popular program. After a good trial I reverted to Brother’s Keeper. Family Tree Maker does checking on the internet for matches of people in your tree, if you want to do that. However it is possible to put a copy of your tree on one of the family tree web sites (using a GEDCOM file), and use the matching software on the site to find more family members and information – and Genes Reunited for example.

Recently I briefly tried Family Tree Builder from myHeritage.  The software is free to try, and allows you to keep a copy of your tree on their website, and match people in your tree with other trees on the internet.  The cost of using the software, and their website, was a bit high for me, mainly because of the size of my tree.  The cost depends on tree size – 250 people free, 2500 people $US75 per year and $US119 per year for unlimited storage and trees.

If you are starting out, I suggest you read some of the online reviews for different software. However, you need to try out to find what suits you.


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