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When I started my family tree, I wondered how I would progress with the Wallace family. Wallace is such a common name in New Zealand, in contrast to Korte.

However I made quite good progress because my father-in-law had a copy of the Spurdle family tree, published in 1942, and that had descendants of Joseph WALLACE (1853-1948) and Sarah SPURDLE (1854-1921). An update of the Spurdle family tree (Spurdle Heritage, Janette Howe and Robyn Spurdle, 1992) included information from a  manuscript The Wallace Family History by Doreen Corrick. I eventually tracked this manuscript down and made all the information I had collected available on RootsWeb.

One person who remained a mystery until recently was Bruce WALLACE, son of William John WALLACE and Martha Rosina PEACHEY, and nephew of Joseph WALLACE. All I had was his name and his parent’s names.

In September I was contacted by a descendant of Bruce Wallace (1920-1990), who had found the information I had posted on RootsWeb – to my family tree and to my genealogy project web site.  She shared her family information on – Wallace Web Site. As a result of this contact, and the information we have exchanged, I have been able to include the descendants of Bruce Wallace in my tree. Plus I have also been able to add details of Jack Wallace and Martha Wallace (siblings of Bruce) and some of their descendants.

I had not used before this exchange, but was impressed with how the site keeps a log of changes made to the online family tree, and allows family members to update their part of the tree, add photos, add facts, and help with the research.

Once again, this experience demonstrated to me how sharing your genealogy information on the internet can assist in making useful new contacts to help with your research. logo


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  1. Chris are you related to Albert Clarence Wallace (deceased) of Masterton. Wife Bridget Catherine Carr. Children Mary Peter James Elizabeth Noel and Kathleen who was adopted out. I was married to Noel who died 1974. His birth year was 1938. I would be very interested to know if there is a family tree belonging to this Wallace family. Many thanks. Jenny. Harrington (Wallace) in

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