Google Maps

I have just tried Google Maps, and it provides an easy way to put maps on your web site. I had some maps made in Photoshop on my site (and still there), but Google Maps allows a lot more!

I wanted to show a farm location on my page for Ruanui Farm at Matawai.  I created an outline of the farm, by tracing over the satellite image in Google Maps, then displayed both the overlay and satellite image. The result below shows the farm outline relative to the highway and Matawai.  With the simple instructions available, this was all very easy to achieve.

In addition to the map above, I was able to paste the code from Google Maps into Likno Modal Windows software to create pop-up windows with a map.   I was quickly able to generate pop-up maps linked to the several static maps on my site.

You can get instructions on adding Google Maps from WordPress support. Also search Google for further help.


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