Alban Rushbrooke 1820-1895

Biographical details for Alban Rushbrooke (1820-1895) do not fit the structure of my project website, where I aim to put details of people who immigrated to New Zealand, and their descendants. Alban lived in Norfolk, England, all his life.

Alban’s second son Ernest Edwin Rushbrooke (1859-1940) immigrated to New Zealand, and his descendants form part of my family tree. Ernest was my great grandfather. Ernest’s biographical details are shown on my project site.

I decided that the best way to share information on Alban, and other relatives like him, was to include details on the Rootsweb WorldConnect site. Notes about individuals can be displayed on the site.

I will now start adding biographical details, where I have them, for people displayed in the family tree.

The technical details: biographical details are displayed in a blue box on the Rootsweb WorldConnect site.  To create this box, the notes for an individual are put between <div id=”ged”> and </div> in my genealogy software (Brothers Keeper). “ged” is defined in the css file I use on the Rootsweb WorldConnect site (see below).  The notes are then exported from Brothers Keeper to a GEDCOM file that is uploaded to RootsWeb.

#ged {
border: 1px solid black;
background-color: #3FF;
min-height: 180px;


RootsWeb WorldConnect Style

Until today my family tree on Rootsweb WorldConnect had been very plain, black text on a white background. It did not match the color scheme on my genealogy website. That changed when I found Patricia Geary‘s website and ebook Planning a Genealogy Website, 2nd Edition.

Picture of ebook

Planning a Genealogy Website 2nd Edition is a FREE 42 page EBook. The EBook is a great resource for anyone who is interested in creating a genealogy website especially if you are using RootsWeb hosting. It has been revised and updated with several entirely new sections.

The ebook has a section about adding some style to your WorldConnect Database, including example code to get you started. I started with Pat’s code, modified it to provide similar colors to my website. The result was a major improvement, illustrated below.  I thought the colors for hyperlinks in the sample code were better than the ones I had on my website, so that resulted in changes to the css file on my website (uploaded 2 April).

Picture of RootsWeb WorldConnect
Color added to my RootsWeb WorldConnect Family Tree

Here are a couple of examples of notes added to the family tree: Page for Christian August BERKAHN with a photo and a link to biographical details.  Page for Alban RUSHBROOKE with biographical details.

I suggest you have a look at Pat’s book and website if you are putting your family tree on the internet.