RootsWeb WorldConnect Style

Until today my family tree on Rootsweb WorldConnect had been very plain, black text on a white background. It did not match the color scheme on my genealogy website. That changed when I found Patricia Geary‘s website and ebook Planning a Genealogy Website, 2nd Edition.

Picture of ebook

Planning a Genealogy Website 2nd Edition is a FREE 42 page EBook. The EBook is a great resource for anyone who is interested in creating a genealogy website especially if you are using RootsWeb hosting. It has been revised and updated with several entirely new sections.

The ebook has a section about adding some style to your WorldConnect Database, including example code to get you started. I started with Pat’s code, modified it to provide similar colors to my website. The result was a major improvement, illustrated below.  I thought the colors for hyperlinks in the sample code were better than the ones I had on my website, so that resulted in changes to the css file on my website (uploaded 2 April).

Picture of RootsWeb WorldConnect
Color added to my RootsWeb WorldConnect Family Tree

Here are a couple of examples of notes added to the family tree: Page for Christian August BERKAHN with a photo and a link to biographical details.  Page for Alban RUSHBROOKE with biographical details.

I suggest you have a look at Pat’s book and website if you are putting your family tree on the internet.


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