John Day Teall 1859-1929

I had an entry in my family tree for John Day TEALL, but had not found out much about him. I knew he had moved to South Africa about 1900, based on a family tree written about then.

I have been able to fill in more details of his life following contact from Adrian Louw Ackerman in South Africa recently. He had seen my tree on  Rootsweb and contacted me as a result.

Adrian Louw Ackerman, from Sedgefield South Africa, was researching John Day TEALL because he had been so kind to his mother and uncle. He said Mr Teall was a kindly and quiet sort of gentleman and a mentor to my mother (Johanna Hendrina Geldenhuys). Because her parents were very poor, Mr Teall helped to pay for my mother’s education at Saasveld Training College in Cape Town, as well as for her brother who also studied to be a teacher. For this she was ever grateful and always spoke of affection about Mr Teall.

He provided a link to a picture of the gravestone for John Day TEALL, as shown below.

As a result of information recieved from Adrian, I have added a brief biography to my Rootsweb page for John Day TEALL. In addition, Adrian has recently provided a copy of the information he has collected to be posted here (Go to the biography provided by Adrain Ackerman).

Thanks Adrian for getting in touch and sharing information about John.


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