Thomas Morton WALLACE

Thomas Morton WALLACE is mentioned in The Wallace Family History by Doreen Corrick (1988). Doreen noted “Where Thomas fits into the picture or family I do not know,
except that Thomas Morton married Elizabeth Whitcombe in 1891.”

The marriage notice in the Wanganui Herald, Volume XXV, Issue 7471, 22 July 1891, Page 2. said that Thomas was adopted. The notice read “WALLACE-WHITCOMBE – On 24th June, Thomas, adopted son of John Wallace, No 2. Line, to Elizabeth, second daughter of William Whitcombe.”

I have found it difficult to trace anything further on the couple until recently because Thomas and Elizabeth Wallace are relatively frequent names in New Zealand.  My breakthrough came when I looked for children in the New Zealand Birth, Death and Marriage Historical Records. Four children were discovered:

School records and WWI enlistment records for these children enabled me to place geographically Thomas and Elizabeth at different times during their lives. It appears that the couple moved from Wanganui to Wellington where Thomas worked as a carpenter.  Subsequently the family moved to Auckland where Thomas was a Public Works Inspector according to the marriage registrations of the two eldest sons in London in 1919 and 1920.

It appears that Thomas went into hospital around 1920 for the rest of his life based on electoral rolls.

All electoral rolls, marriage and death registrations use the name Thomas Wallace, not Thomas Morton Wallace.  Perhaps Thomas was born Thomas Morton?

I would be grateful if any descendants can provide more information on Thomas or his descendants. His son Cyril is a mystery following marriage in 1920. I suspect he did not return to New Zealand with his English bride?


2 thoughts on “Thomas Morton WALLACE

  1. Hi Chris.
    I was in contact with you a while back.I am descended thru Garfield Wallace, son of William and Mary Jane Wallace.I have just had my DNA results so have been in touch with a number of Wallaces.The interesting one has been thru James Wallace, who ended up at Westbury, Tasmania, because my other side [the Davis family] farmed there at the same time, and have to have known each other as it is a very small district. In the replies I have had, they also talked about the doubts about James being brother to Arthur and John, but said that DNA tests from one of James’ relations has proved this. Are you aware of that? I have only had one contact with a non Wallace, my nana’s side, the Mummery line. I am enjoying finding out lots of new things, after spending 6 years researching my Davis line in England and Tasmania. I was recently in Tas. and visited the graveyards, and probably passed James Wallace’s grave. Shame I did not know. Next time. Regards, Natalie Davis[ Irvine] .

    1. See Terry Love’s comment below.

      The potential link between Wanganui Wallace families and the Tasmanian family was first suggested by a Tasmanian descendent, before the dna information became available.

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