1942 Death – Christian Berkahn

In 1942 Christian A. Berkahn took his daughter and son-in-law to Makotuku railway station to catch the evening train to Woodville. After they had departed, he returned to his car to go home, but the battery was flat.  The car had been little used because of petrol rationing during WW2.  Christian cranked the car to get it started, but the car was in gear and it drove forward after starting, pushing him in front for 150 feet (46 m) through two fences. Christian was killed when he hit his head on a post as the car went through the second fence.

Picture of Christian
Christian Berkahn

A full account of the accident, from the Coroners inquest, is posted on my website – Chris Korte’s New Zealand Genealogy Project.


One thought on “1942 Death – Christian Berkahn

  1. Hi Chris
    Alice Berkahn was my Great Grand Mother on my Fathers side, would be interested in finding out more of what you have uncovered…

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