Voyages to NZ

One of the questions we ask is how did our ancestors get from Europe to New Zealand? What ship? How long did the voyage take? What was the voyage like?

Photograph of an unknown barque (left) and the Gothic (right)
Photograph of an unknown barque (left) and the Gothic (right)

I have researched the story for Christopher Korte who went to New Zealand in 1865 by sailing ship and for the Rushbrooke family who went to New Zealand by steamship in 1897. Details of the 1865 voyage and the barque Dona Anita are rather limited. More information is available about the 1897 voyage and the steamship Gothic. I have posted a page for each voyage on my website.

As can be seen in the table below, advances in shipping between 1865 and 1897 halved the voyage time and increased the number of passengers transported.

Voyage to New Zealand: 1865 – Dona Anita 1897 – Gothic
Gross weight of ship: 500 tons 7,755 tons
Power: Sails 700 horsepower steam engines
Duration of voyage to New Zealand: 103 days 43 days
Passengers: 58 243